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Pallet information

Pallet size guide.

Understanding the dimensions of your pallet is essential for us to quote your requirements accurately. Please use our Pallet Size Guide for details and click the + for exact dimensions and maximum weight allowances.

Length: 120.00 cm
Width: 100.00 cm
Height: 60.00 cm

*Max Weight: 150.00 kg

Length: 120.00 cm
Width: 100.00 cm
Height: 60.00 cm

*Max Weight: 250.00 kg

Length: 120.00 cm
Width: 100.00 cm
Height: 100.00 cm

*Max Weight: 500.00 kg

Length: 120.00 cm
Width: 120.00 cm
Height: 200.00 cm

*Max Weight: 1000.00 kg

Frequently asked questions.

How should I prepare a pallet for delivery?

To prepare a pallet for delivery, make sure to arrange your heaviest items at the bottom of the pallet and the lightest ones on top. Avoid allowing any items to overhang from the pallet, as this may lead to rejection of your freight or damage during transit.

To ensure your goods are secure, we recommend using a clear shrink wrap.

What to do with an oversized pallet?

Should your items exceed the standard pallet's maximum dimensions in height, length, or width, it's may be necessary to explore alternative options.

If your goods are too big for a standard pallet, they may overhang and cause potential damage to both the items themselves or neighbouring pallets during transit.

If think your goods constitute as 'oversized', please speak to our team directly for advise on the best solution to safely send your goods:

Can you ship hazardous goods?

We are currently unable to ship hazardous freight.

If your shipping items in containers that previously contained hazardous substances, ensure they are thoroughly cleaned and entirely free from any hazardous residue before send.

Hazardous residue can be dangerous, and could contaminate other freight.

What is the difference between a standard pallet and a EURO pallet?

In the UK, we commonly refer to generally used pallets as "standard pallets." These typically measure 1.2 metres by 1 metre, with dimensions determined by their height. For instance, items 0.8 metres in height would fit on a standard pallet.

Euro pallets, also known as EUR-pallets, typically come in the standard size of 120cm x 80cm.

Please contact our team if you are considering sending your freight on a EURO pallet and we can discuss it's suitability.

Have I got the correct pallet?

Using an appropriate pallet is essential for the smooth collection and delivery of your goods.

All pallets should be sturdy and can be made from wood or plastic. The pallet should also have a two-way entry so that forklifts or pump trucks can easily access and move the pallet from underneath.

Can I send sharp goods?

Yes, you can. However, when sending sharp items or even wire based products such as barbed wire or even sharp cable, it's essential that you apply adequate protective packaging. This helps to minimise the risk of potential harm or injury to yourself and workers handling the freight. Protective packaging options can include; additional banding, plastic wraps, cardboard reinforcement, or other suitable covers to ensure safe transport.

Please consult with your transport provider before sending sharp objects.

Can I send an engine, or other car parts, on a pallet?

If you are wanting to send an engine or other car parts such as alloy wheels, or even a gearbox, on a pallet, please email our team and we will advise on next steps.

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