Pallet information

Pallet size guide.

Understanding the dimensions of your pallet is essential for us to quote your requirements accurately and to ensure a seamless delivery service. Please use our Pallet Size Guide for details and click the + for exact dimensions and maximum weight allowances.

Length: 120.00 cm
Width: 100.00 cm
Height: 60.00 cm

*Max Weight: 150.00 kg

Length: 120.00 cm
Width: 100.00 cm
Height: 60.00 cm

*Max Weight: 250.00 kg

Length: 120.00 cm
Width: 100.00 cm
Height: 100.00 cm

*Max Weight: 500.00 kg

Length: 120.00 cm
Width: 120.00 cm
Height: 220.00 cm

*Max Weight: 1000.00 kg

Pallet types.

There are different pallet types for you to send your goods on. It is important to understand the differences and respective regulations around pallet types, as these can differ e.g shipping in Europe and shipping in the UK. A Euro pallet is typically smaller than a standard UK pallet.

Standard UK pallet
120cm x 100cm x 220cm
Euro pallet
120cm x 80cm

Getting your pallet delivery quote

When you are choosing a pallet delivery service, it's crucial to understand the dimensions, weight and overall characteristics of your pallet. This ensures that you receive; the best shipping solution for your goods, the best service in alignment with your requirements and, the best price for your job.

Consolidate your parcels onto a pallet

Often start-ups and small-medium sized businesses are accustomed to sending goods via parcel. In many cases, these parcels can be consolidated onto one pallet for cost-saving, and environmental benefits.

Useful for heavy goods or grouped stock

Palletising consignments offers a convenient method to transport heavier items and larger volumes of grouped stock. It allows for a more fluid journey and quicker delivery. Sending goods via a pallet can also protect the condition of the goods.

Frequently asked questions.

What is a pallet?

A pallet is a flat structure, typically made of wood or plastic that is used as a base for stacking, storing, handling, and transporting goods. It consists of a top surface (deck) and bottom surface, with openings for forklifts, pallet jacks, pump trucks or other handling equipment to lift and move it. Pallets are essential in supply chain and logistics as they facilitate the efficient movement of goods, allowing for easy loading and unloading of shipments.

What size is a standard pallet in the UK?

The standard UK pallet size is 120cm x 100cm x 220cm. This includes varying weight capacities and stacking variables e.g Micro, Quarter, Half, Full.

What is the difference between a standard pallet and a Euro pallet?

A UK standard pallet usually has dimensions of 1200mm x 1000mm. whereas a Euro pallet typically measures 1200mm x 800mm.

This means Euro pallets are slightly smaller in width compared to UK standard pallets.

Additionally, Euro pallets often have slightly different construction specifications and may be subject to different industry standards compared to UK standard pallets.

These differences can impact their compatibility with handling equipment, storage systems, and transportation vehicles, making it important to consider the appropriate pallet type based on regional preferences and requirements.

How do I prepare my pallet for delivery?

To prepare goods for pallet delivery, ensure they are securely packaged and stacked on the pallet, with weight evenly distributed. Use shrink wrap or strapping to secure the items to the pallet and label them clearly with destination details. Take a look at our step-by-step guide to wrapping a pallet.

Will I be charged VAT when sending a pallet?

Yes, VAT will be included in our pallet delivery quote. VAT invoices are provided for all consignments.

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